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Information about the native plants on this website is based on my own observations and the websites listed below.  Many other sources, too numerous to be included here, were found through Google searches.

Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart

Burke Museum: WTU Image Collection  –   University of Washington

The page for each species includes multiple photographs, a detailed description, distribution and habitat information, bloom time, a distribution map for the state of Washington, and links to the species page at other websites. Plants can be searched by common or Latin name, family, looking through a gallery of thumbnails with brief description or by using a plant identification key to help identify unknown plants.

E-flora BC  – University of British Columbia

The “Atlas Page” for each plant includes a photo and a distribution map. Click on “view all photos” to see additional photos.  Click on “species information” to see an excellent set of line drawings and a description of the plant.  Search by typing Latin or common name or browsing lists of names.

Pacific Northwest Wildflowers  –  Mark Turner

The page for each species includes multiple photos, a plant description, habitat and range, flowering time, a distribution map for southern BC, Washington, Oregon and northern California, and direct links to this species at other websites.  Search by typing the name of a plant, scrolling through lists by family, genus, color, flower type, and blooming time. (Mark Turner has published a book on wildflowers, “Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest.”)



The page for each covered species has one or more photographs, a plant description, uses of the plant and links to more photos. Plants are accessed by typing in common name, Latin name, or family name.

Washington Native Plant Society

This is the home page for the  Washington Native Plant Society. There is information about the organization and its activities. From here you can access:

  • Photo Gallery  – The plants are listed by Latin name.  Select the category at the right and scroll to the plant name. For each species there is a photo and a brief description of habitat, bloom time, and range.
  • Plant Lists –  There is a plant list for every county in Washington and for most of the popular hiking trails. Although the lists are not complete, they can be very helpful in learning where to find a specific species or determining the species of plant you have found.

I did not use the following sites, but you may find them helpful.

Native Plants for Western Washington Gardens and Restoration Projects  –  Starflower Foundation and the Washington Native Plant Society

This site stresses information helpful for growing native plants in your garden. Plants can be selected by type, sun, soil, habitat, color, season, and wildlife. It is linked to the Washington Native Plant Society page.

Native Plant Guide: Create your own native plant landscape  –  King County, WA

This site emphases using native plants in your garden. It includes some excellent photos and information useful to persons interested in native plants. From the “Native Plant List” you can sort by type of plant, common, or Latin name.  You can also browse photos.  Clicking on a photo takes you to that plant’s page. (Note: This site does not work on all browsers.)