Welcome to Wildflowers of Washington

Lupine (Pea Family) 0906

Lupine, one of the most common wildflowers

This site features a collection of macro photographs of wildflowers that grow in the state of Washington. The photographs are arranged in plant families, the characteristics of which are described and illustrated. There is a special page for each species with multiple photographs of each, showing the flower, leaves and plant structure, and a description of the characteristics of the plant to help with identification. Flowering trees, shrubs, and vines are included, as well as herbaceous plants.

Native plants of the forests of western Washington dominate the website, but some flowers of the coastal bluffs and prairies of western Washington and sagebrush steppes of eastern Washington are included. I have also included some non-native plants that have become common weeds in the state of Washington.

1835 Candystick

Candystick, one of the most unusual wildflowers

All of the wildflowers on this website occur in the state of Washington, even if they were photographed elsewhere. Many of these wildflowers are found throughout the temperate zones of North America; some can be found worldwide throughout the temperate zones of the northern hemisphere. The photographs on this site were taken with my Nikon Coolpix 950, mostly along hiking trails in the Cascade and Olympic Mountains of the state of Washington.

This site is a revision of an earlier site published in 2002. It is opening with 99 wildflower species representing five wildflowers families – Bittersweet,  Lily,  Mint,  Orchid and Saxifrage. More families will be added over the next months, so if you find this wildflower site interesting/helpful, visit it often to see what is new.