Fawn Lily – Erythronium oregonum

Lily Family – Liliaceae 

Actual flower size: 2 inches across

Actual flower size: 2 inches across

Fawn Lily is also called Oregon Trout Lily, Easter Lily, White Fawn Lily, or White Trout Lily.

Plant Description: Fawn Lily is 6 to 16 inches tall with a leafless stem and 1 to 6 nodding blossoms. The pair of 4 to 9 inch long leaves are glossy green, oblong, wavy-edged, and mottled with large patches of white, light green, brown or greenish black spots.

Flower Description: The 6 white to creamy-white tepals are 1.5 inch long, strongly reflexed, and have a darker yellow area at the base. Sometimes there are 1 or more bands of reddish to brown marking surrounding the yellow area. The 6 anthers are cream to yellow; the filaments are flattened.

Ecology: Fawn Lily grows in well-drained soil in light woods and open meadows at low elevations.

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Actual flower size: 2 inches across