Northwestern Twayblade – Listera caurina

Orchid Family – Orchidaceae

Actual flower size: 1/4 inch across

Actual flower size: 1/4 inch across

Plant Description: Northwestern Twayblade is a 4 to 12 inches tall perennial stem with 5 to 25 very small (.2 inch), green flowers growing above a pair of leaves located half way up the stem. The leaves are broad and oval.

Flower Description: The 5 narrow, .2” long, green tepals flare out above the lower lip. The lower lip is wedge-shaped with rounded corners and curves downward. There is a sharply pointed tooth in each side, just above the base of the lip.

Ecology: Northwestern Twayblade grows in wet coniferous forests and boggy mountain slopes, at low to sub-alpine elevations.

Northwestern Twayblade Photo Gallery

Photo Information: These photos were taken on July 31, 2002 on the  Bearhead Mt., Trail, Hwy 165, Carbonado


Actual flower size: 1/4 inch across