Bronze Bells – Anticlea occidentalis

False Hellebore Family – Melanthiaceae

Actual flower size: 3/4 inch long

Actual flower size: 3/4 inch long

Bronze Bells are also called Mountain Bells or Western Mountainbells.  Former Latin name was Stenanthium occidentale.

Plant Description: Bronze Bells has a flowering stem that is 5 to 18 inches tall, weak, often nodding slightly, with up to 25 tiny, narrow, bell-shaped flowers hanging singly or in groups of 3 to 6 flowers, each on its own 1 inch pedicel. The 2 to 4 leaves are basal, grass-like, and 4 to 12 inches long.

Flower Description: The 6 tepals are pale, greenish yellow to deep purplish-green, .75 inches long, united at the base, with pointy tips that curl back sharply.  There are 6 stamen, clustered, and barely reaching  the bell opening.

Ecology: Bronze Bells grow in wet open forests, on rock faces, and in moist meadows, usually at high elevations, but sometimes at sea level.


  • Bronze Bells has been moved from the Lily Family to the False Hellebore Family.  See “APG Changes” page.
  • Bronze Bells have a tangy perfume.

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Actual flower size: 3/4 inch long