Western Horsemint – Agastache occidentalis

Mint Family – Lamiaceae

Actual flower size: ¾ inch long

Actual flower size: ¾ inch long 

Western Horsemint is also called Western Giant Hyssop.

Plant Description: Western Horsemint is 16 to 32 inches tall with numerous, branching, square stems with dense spikes of whitish to lavender flowers at the top. The leaves are opposite, oval to deltoid, with rounded teeth, and hairy underneath.

Flower Description: The flowers are tubular, about 3/4 inch long, with two short-lobed lips. The upper lip is notched, the lower lip is 3-lobed. There are 4 protruding stamen, the upper pair longer than the lower.

Ecology: Western Horsemint grows on dry open slopes on east side of the Cascades.

Western Horsemint Photo Gallery

Photo Information: All photos were taken on June 13 on a trail at Umtanum, SR 821, near Ellensburg WA.

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