Howell’s Brodiaea – Triteleia grandiflora, var. howelli

Asparagus Family – Asparagaceae

Actual flower size: 1 inch long

Actual flower size: 1 inch long

Howell’s Brodiaea is also called Bi-colored Cluster Lily or Bicolor Triteleia. Other Latin names include Brodiaea howellii and Triteleia howellii.

Plant Description: Howell’s Brodiaea is a perennial, 8 to 30 inch tall, with a loose head of 5 to 20 flowers. The 2 or 3 grass-like leaves are green at flowering, 4 to 16 inches long, and have a ridge down the back side.

Flower Description: The flower is a tube about 1 inch long with 6 wavy-edged (not ruffled) tepals, white with blue mid-veins or blue with darker mid-veins.  There are 6 fertile stamen with broad anthers on flat filaments, all attached at the same level, but of unequal lengths.

Ecology: Howell’s Brodiaea grows on coastal bluffs and prairies and the shrub steppes of eastern Washington.

Note: Howell’s Brodiaea has been moved from the Lily Family to the Asparagus Family.  See “APG Changes” page.

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