Bugleweed – Lycopus uniflorus

Mint Family – Lamiaceae

Flower size

Actual flower size: Less than 1/4 inch long 

Bugleweed is also called Northern Water-Horehound or Northern Bugleweed.

Plant Description: Bugleweed has erect, leafy, finely hairy, square stems, 4 to 60 inch tall. The leaves are opposite, lance-shaped to elliptic, short stalked, 1 to 4 in long, coarsely hairy, and irregularly toothed. The stems are usually unbranched and have whorled clusters of small white flowers in the leaf axils.

Flower Description: The tiny (less than ¼ in long), 2 lipped, white or pinkish flowers have a short, stalkless tube. The lower lip is 3-lobed and hairy. There are 2 stamens and a 4-lobed ovary.

Ecology: Bugleweed grows in marshes, stream banks, lakeshores, and bogs. It is common at low to middle elevations on both sides of the cascades

Note: Bugleweed is scentless.

Bugleweed Photo Gallery

Photo information: These photos were taken on August 17, 2013, in my garden.

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