Douglas’ Brodiaea – Triteleia grandiflora

Asparagus Family – Asparagaceae

Actual flower size: 1 inch long

Actual flower size: 1 inch long

Douglas’ Brodiaea is also called Large-flowered Brodiaea or Large-flowered Triteleia. Former Latin name was Brodiaea douglasii.

Plant Description: Douglas’ Brodiaea has a flowering stem which is 12 to 30 inches tall, with 3 bracts at the base of the open, umbel-like flower cluster. The 2 or 3 leaves are narrow with a keel on the underside, green at flowering, and almost reaching the base of the flower cluster.

Flower Description: The 1 inch-long, almost white to deep blue trumpet-like flowers have 6 tepals with a dark mid-vein. The inner tepals (the petals) are somewhat broader and ruffled on the edges.  The 6 stamen are broad, at unequal heights, and have long yellow to blue anthers. The flowers are erect to slightly nodding in bud and horizontal when fully open.

Ecology: Douglas’ Brodiaea grows in sagebrush-ponderosa country in valley bottoms to middle elevations.

Note: Douglas’ Brodiaea has been moved from the Lily Family to the Asparagus Family.  See “APG Changes” page.

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