How to Use This Site

Are you looking for photos or information about a specific plant family or flower species?

Mountain Ladyslipper (Orchid Famliy)

Mountain Ladyslipper (Orchid Famliy)

Most of this site is devoted to Species and Family pages which are accessed by typing either a common name or Latin name in the Search Box or selecting a name in the Plant Indexes at the right. You can also search using a part of a name, e.g. “mountain,”  “lady,” or “slipper”.  (Note: This site is very limited at this time. With the exception of some of the page illustrations and the Additional Photos gallery, only 99 of 450 planned plant species and 5 of 50 plant families are currently on the site.)

Are you trying to identify a flower in a photograph you took or a wildflower you have seen?

If you have no idea which family it belongs to, check the information on the Indentifying Plants page where you will find hints as to families the flower might belong to, then go to one or more of the family pages where you can browse photo galleries.


Family Page Features 

Bitterroot (Purslane Family) 6341

Bitterroot (Purslane Family)

  • Alternate names for the family, if any
  • key photo to illustrate the characteristics of that family
  • Information about the family, including size of the family, its characteristics, and commercial and horticultural uses
  • A gallery of photos representing each of the species from the family that are included on this site
Sulphur Buck (Buckwheat Family) 5961

Sulphur Buck (Buckwheat Family)




Species Page Features

  • Alternate names for the species, if any
  • A key photo to illustrate the characteristics of that species
  • Information about the species including a description and where it can be found
  • Where the photographs were taken
  • A gallery of photos showing the leaves, the plant structure, other views of the flower and sometimes the fruits or seed pods

Sometimes there is other information about a species or family, such as whether the flower is scented, recent name changes, or distinctions between members of the family.

Do you need more help?

Book Titles and Internet Links under Resources above have information about wildflower books and other wildflower websites. 

Scouler's Harebell 0119