Western Trillium – Trillium ovatum

False Hellebore Family – Melanthiaceae

Actual flower size: 3 inches across

Actual flower size: 3 inches across

Western Trillium is also called Wake Robin.

Plant Description: Western Trillium is a 4 to 18 inches tall perennial. The stem is bare to about three-quarters up, where there is a whorl of leaves and 1 or 2 inches above the leaves is a single, white, up to 4 inch wide, very showy flower. The leaves are in whorls of 3, broad, triangular-oval, up to 6 inches across and 8 inches long, parallel-veined with extra net veins and a drip tip.

Flower Description: The 3 petals are pure white, 1 to 2 inches long, and tongue-like. The 3 sepals alternate with the petals and are narrow, green, leaf-like, nearly as long as the petals. There are 6 long, yellow, fuzzy stamens and a 3-lobed stigma. The petals turn pink to purple with age.

Ecology: Western Trillium grows in moist to wet woods, stream banks, open shaded areas, at low to subalpine elevations.

Note: Western Trillium has been moved from the Lily Family to the False Hellebore Family.  See “APG Changes” page

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Actual flower size: 3 inches across