Self-heal – Prunella vulgaris

Mint Family – Lamiaceae

Actual flower size: ¾ inch long

Actual flower size: ¾ inch long

Self-heal is also called Heal-all.

Plant Description: Self-heal is a 4 to 16 inch tall perennial which spreads aggressively, often forming a carpet. The stem is square in cross- section with a dense spike of pink or violet-colored flowers poking out between purplish bracts. Two leaf-like bracts flare out just below the flower spike. The stem leaves are 1 to 4 inches long, on long petioles, opposite and oval, and becoming narrower up the stem.

Flower Description: The flowers are 1/2 to 1 inch long, short-stalked, and tubular. The rounded upper lip forms a bonnet-like hood; the lower lip has three lobes. The center lobe is larger and fringed. There are 4 stamen and a 2-parted style enclosed by the hood.

Ecology: Self-heal grows in moist ground, in open or wooded areas at low to middle elevations.


  • Self-heal is widespread throughout much of the world – thus the name “vulgar,” meaning common.
  • It has a long history of medicinal uses.
  • It blooms throughout the entire spring and summer.

  Self-heal Photo Gallery

Photo Information: #8734 and #8737 were taken on July 21, 2000 near the Ski area on Mt. Baker;  #3484 was taken on June 15 on the Eagle Crest Trail, off I-84 near Cascade Locks OR; #6803 was taken on July 22, 2010 on the Staircase Trail, Olympic National Park, Hw 101, near Hoodsport WA.

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