Tiger Lily – Lilium columbianum

Lily Family – Liliaceae

Actual flower size: 2 inches across

Actual flower size: 2 inches across

Tiger Lily is also called Columbia Lily.

Plant Description: Tiger Lily is a perennail that is 1 to 4 feet tall (occasionally 6 feet tall) with 2 to 9 or more nodding, widely bell-shaped flowers 1 to 2.5  inches across. The leaves are narrow, shiny green, 2 to 4 inches long, mostly in 2 to 9 whorls of 6 to 9 leaves, and sometimes with additional leaves scattered up the stem.

Flower Description: The narrow, bright yellow-orange tepals are pointed, 1 to 1.5 inches long, with purplish-brown spots near the center. The tepals are flared out when first blooming, but soon curve back to the base of the flower. The cluster of 6 long stamens with orange or purple anthers is slightly longer than the style.

Ecology: Tiger Lily grows in damp soils in prairies, woods and coniferous forests at low to high elevations.

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Actual flower size: 2 inches across